RECENT NEWS: Be sure to check back for the "Vixens" section coming this month!
The June Judgement 2 DVD preview has been added to Videos.  Also check out the October Onslaught poster below!

This isn't your average wrestling show, this is the way wrestling was meant to be...

Down right Vicious!

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Until we roll out the necessary section, here are some past VOW guests!
  • Goldust (WWE, WCW, TNA)
  • Devon Dudley (WWE, ECW, TNA)
  • Sabu (WWE, ECW, TNA)
  • Gangrel (WWE)
  • Eugene (WWE)
  • Robbie E (TNA)
  • Winter (WWE, TNA)

Upcoming Schedule

The Ice Mine in Connellsville, PA

  • 7/11/14 - July Justice
  • 8/2/14 - August Annihilation
  • 9/6/14 - September Sin (ECW)
  • 10/4/14 - October Onslaught
  • 11/2/14 - November Night of Height
  • 12/5/14 - 2 Year Anniversary Show